This property consists of nine parcels where a metal works and sandblasting facility operated for more than 30 years. Soil beneath the site was highly contaminated with arsenic, cadmium, and lead.

Data used to create the conceptual site model suggested the contamination originated from wind distribution of the spent sandblast material during maintenance and cleaning of the sandblasting equipment, as well as from illegal grading and landfilling of the spent sandblast material. The project required an unusual level of effort due to the illegal distribution of the contaminants and the site’s location within an environmentally critical area. In addition, the graded sandblast material dispersed onto the south-adjoining property, which was owned and operated by Burlington Northern Santa Fe, and the east-adjoining property, which was owned by the City of Snohomish.

While conducting a substantially equivalent cleanup for future cost recovery, SoundEarth generated a cleanup action plan with the required remedial investigation/feasibility study components; installed a deep monitoring well to collect groundwater samples from Cross Valley Water District’s sole-source aquifer beneath the site; coordinated the excavation of approximately 14,000 tons of metals-contaminated sandblast material; designed and installed a cap limiting direct contact with residual contamination; coordinated the placement of an Environmental Covenant on the area exhibiting residual soil contamination; and managed ongoing groundwater compliance monitoring.

On the basis of this work, SoundEarth performed cost recovery and assisted with litigation support as a factual and expert witness-successfully recouping nearly $1,000,000 (approximately 70 percent) of the total cleanup cost for our client.