SoundEarth is currently supporting Jorgensen Forge Corporation by managing the stormwater treatment program at the Jorgensen Forge Outfall Site (JFOS), where PCBs were previously released to the subsurface from leaking stormwater pipes. SoundEarth is supporting their compliance program for the facility’s ISGP and the owner’s upland source control objectives for their 20-acre waterfront industrial facility.

SoundEarth’s previous work include planning, implementation, and documentation of removal actions and subsequent modifications as part of an emergency response under a CERCLA Administrative Order. SoundEarth prepared the Basis of Design Report for investigation of PCB data gaps under the east bank of the Lower Duwamish Waterway, and completed an angle boring investigation. SoundEarth supported the JFOS engineering design team during design of a cofferdam for use by others in connection with a separate, but adjacent, Early Action Area in-water removal action.

SoundEarth also helped develop TSCA-compliant waste segregation, disposal, and equipment decontamination protocols and post-construction baseline and monitoring programs. Waste minimization and safe construction logistics were high priority objectives for the planning support efforts. SoundEarth provided construction-phase observation, field documentation, and preparation of formal EPA submittals, including Basis of Design Reports, Work Plans, and Removal Action Completion Reports for the JFOS project. SoundEarth profiled waste streams and documented the removal of corrugated metal pipes and PCB-contaminated soil from above the groundwater table. This work was performed in preparation for removal action activities planned below the groundwater table.