This industrial facility site is responsible for comprehensive waste handling and environmental services. The site consists of 3.8 acres of impervious surface located adjacent to a local creek which has been identified as an impaired water body several miles downstream and consists of three distinct outfall zones. The site is operating under a Consent Decree as a result of litigation with a third-party citizen group. Heavy metals and turbidity have been consistent challenges for the site to meet benchmarks.

SoundEarth provided treatment feasibility studies and designed passive treatment solutions that integrated existing site features with low impact development and multimedia technologies. The passive treatment solutions have reduced contaminant loads by over 90 percent to well below benchmark values.

SoundEarth staff brought an adaptive management approach for informed decision making, and integrated O&M to keep other zones from reaching treatment requirements. Services also included accurate identification of pollution liability. Our records audit revealed an error in regulatory designation that resulted in removing of fecal coliform sampling from required sampling parameters. Our team also provided sampling benchmarks to increase the potential for site compliance. SoundEarth staff performed a Treatment Feasibility Evaluation to enhance pollutant removal.

SoundEarth services include sampling, integrated O&M plan, compliance reporting, and corrective action adaptive management. We also provided a pollutant source evaluation, and stormwater conveyance mapping and investigation. Treatment system services included feasibility evaluation, an engineering design report, treatment system implementation and ongoing O&M, innovative solutions, and cost benefits to the client. In addition, we provided legal support, records audit, additional zone sampling, and impaired water body investigation.