At sites with the potential for environmental issues, SoundEarth helps identifies chemicals of concern and the three-dimensional extent of impacts through state-of-the-art software, historical research, and remote and direct data collection and interpretation. Our investigators understand that our clients’ very specific objectives form the base for the scope for our investigations.

SoundEarth geologists, hydrologists, soil scientists, and other environmental professionals have conducted subsurface investigations in the majority of the hydrogeological environments of the western United States. In addition to hundreds of private redevelopment projects, our personnel have experience at over 50 Superfund and highly secure U.S. Department of Defense Sites.

On behalf of clients ranging from large industry to small family businesses, we have designed and executed efficient sampling plans to delineate subsurface releases of heavy metals and fuels at wrecking yards, metals and PCBs at recyclers, fuels and degreasers at truck wash stations, petroleum products at gas stations, solvents at dry cleaners, and a wide variety of other sites.

Pairing the information developed through soil and groundwater investigations with powerful data interpretation software, we develop accurate, three-dimensional conceptual site models. This capability both magnifies our effectiveness negotiating with regulators or opposing stakeholders and gives our engineers the information they need to design effective and efficient environmental remediation systems.

What our clients say

SoundEarth Strategies is a fantastic company to work with. They are incredibly knowledgeable about their business and the services they provide. Everyone at their office has been courteous and professional. On every project that I have worked with them on, they are always timely with their work and their reports. They are a great company and I recommend them to my clients and associates.

Valerie Bromley, Esq., Messner & Reeves, LLC