Washington State Pollution Liability Insurance Agency (PLIA) offers a program that provides up to $60,000 of no cost to the owner insurance coverage for cleanup of contamination from heating oil tanks that are registered in the program prior to the contamination occurring.

SoundEarth Strategies is an approved PLIA contractor that provides both residential and commercial underground heating oil tank environmental services including tank locating, decommissioning, tank removal and replacement, soil testing and contaminated soil cleanup if needed, all leading towards site closure. In addition to working closely with PLIA, we also work with private insurance companies.

A leaking underground oil tank can be one of the most expensive problems that a homeowner can have. Though most residential underground heating oil tanks have not leaked and can be decommissioned in place or removed, tanks suspected of leaking should be removed from the ground.  After a tank is removed, leakage can be detected by visual inspection of the tank and adjacent soil, and by doing soil samples around where the tank was located.

If you are installing a new tank or replacing an old failed tank, SoundEarth Strategies can furnish all labor, material and permits to install your new tank.