Large-scale UST closure and associated excavation projects call for serious environmental and health and safety expertise. So it’s no surprise that SoundEarth currently provides consulting services for dozens of former and active retail service stations and bulk fuel terminals. From historical site research to rigorous remedial investigation and feasibility studies, our team possesses the diverse experience and skills required to tackle often complex underground storage tank sites and bring them to closure. Among our competencies:

  • Delineation of site hydrogeology through geophysical and direct data collection methods
  • Subsurface soil and groundwater investigation
  • Engineering and hydraulic controls for excavation in areas of shallow groundwater
  • Dewatering using extraction wells, sumps, and trenches
  • Evaluation of the vapor migration pathway
  • Structural shoring technologies and innovative soil excavation strategies
  • Traditional and evolving treatment technologies, including soil vapor extraction, in-situ chemical oxidation, dual-phase extraction, air sparging and bioremediation
  • Assertive agency negotiations—conducted with integrity and based on good science—to achieve No Further Action determinations from state regulatory agencies
  • Construction support, health and safety, and O&M services