Groundwater intrusion into subterranean structures and excavations can be a formidable, costly, and time-consuming problem during construction, particularly when the groundwater could carry pollutants from neighboring properties. And the need for construction dewatering has become even more common with the advent of low-Impact designs that incorporate underground parking structures.

SoundEarth Strategies is expert in dealing with construction-related temporary or permanent dewatering and water control needs. Whether your project calls for geotechnical test borings or slug tests to estimate aquifer hydraulic properties or comprehensive aquifer hydraulic testing and groundwater modeling, SoundEarth has the experience to both analyze and design construction dewatering measures. Our in-house construction experts collaborate with local dewatering contractors to verify the availability and feasibility of various dewatering techniques, including staged dewatering lifts, injected wellpoints on vacuum manifolds, French drains, and impervious or cofferdam-style construction. When permanent dewatering is needed for building design, we work closely with your architects and structural engineers to ensure that site and owner constraints receive appropriate design consideration.

Our broad experience in negotiating and permitting for the treatment and discharge of water, providing construction oversight of water control design, and monitoring dewatering systems all work to support effective field implementation of the construction dewatering plan.