Understanding potential impacts to groundwater is a critical component of almost all land use decisions made in the western U.S. From redevelopment to growth management, obtaining regulatory approval for a project often requires complete analysis of potential impacts to groundwater quality and quantity and of related mitigation measures. But addressing the range of regulatory requirements and stakeholder concerns can be a costly and time-consuming process—and costly and time-consuming are two things SoundEarth Strategies works hard to help our clients avoid.

SoundEarth has the expertise to address groundwater impacts and mitigation for projects as varied as environmental impact studies, large-scale site development, new construction and infrastructure, comprehensive land use planning, changes to groundwater withdrawal points and quantities, and the use of underlying aquifers for geothermal heat pump systems. What’s more, our expertise extends to evaluating how changes in existing groundwater conditions can impact wetlands, streams, rivers, nearby water supply wells, existing drainage controls, and slope stability.

Our extensive technical and project experience has trained us in how to clearly communicate potential hydrological impacts during the early stages of site planning, providing our clients with focused, cost-effective environmental impact assessments that efficiently address project objectives, potential mitigation, regulatory requirements, and stakeholder concerns.