SoundEarth provides our clients with accurate assessments of the quality and quantity of groundwater available from an aquifer. Rather than invest millions of dollars in aquifer testing only to discover the area cannot supply the water needed, we avoid unnecessary field studies by beginning with a background review of the watershed to assess the available supply.

When aquifer testing is needed, our experienced project teams employ advanced data acquisition and analytic techniques to identify the capture area, the sustainable rate of withdrawal, and potential impacts to existing water users. Our expertise in groundwater aquifer characterization, gained through extensive work on water master plans and regional groundwater management plans, supports both physical verification of groundwater supply and evaluation for conjunctive uses of groundwater and surface water, enabling more efficient percolation, injection, and withdrawal of water and use of the groundwater aquifer as both a reservoir and a supply source.

In addition, SoundEarth is second to none in developing and verifying conceptual models of groundwater–surface water systems—and getting the watershed or basin-level conceptual model right; this step is key to every water supply or habitat conservation project, from sustainable supply capacity to thermal stabilization. We employ the latest in GIS software and analytics along with subsurface characterization tools such as the RockWorks software for subsurface data management and 2-D/3-D visualization, as well as web-hosted geospatial data tools.

Another key strength offered by SoundEarth is groundwater modeling using both numerical and analytical models paired with the latest calibration techniques. Our work has ranged from supporting managed aquifer recharge projects by successfully calibrating 40 or more years of groundwater hydraulics at some of the largest groundwater basins in the U.S. to modeling the impacts of constituents like metals (e.g., arsenic, manganese) and ionic constituents (e.g., nitrate, chloride) on the long- and short-term viability and quality of groundwater resources.

What our clients say

SoundEarth Strategies recently completed a Groundwater Supply Work Plan for one of our National Wildlife Refuges. They were very professional to work with and provided valuable input and suggestions into my workplan, the finished product is exactly what I was looking for.

Greg Austin, Deputy Project Leader, Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Complex, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service