Clean groundwater is not an infinite resource, and identifying and protecting sustainable water sources is a primary goal for purveyors and users alike. Early identification of an aquifer’s susceptibility to contamination and critical recharge areas is key to forestalling problems before they arise. SoundEarth has significant expertise in long-term planning, prevention, and protection, including:

  • Wellhead protection planning
  • Evaluation of critical aquifer recharge areas
  • Development of sustainable groundwater supplies
  • Modeling of the supply well capture zone
  • Modeling of contaminant transport
  • Evaluation of saltwater intrusion
  • Forensic analysis of aquifer water quality

SoundEarth uses conceptual, numerical, and empirical models to clearly communicate existing and potential impacts to water supply wells and source aquifers arising from known or suspected contaminant sources and from nonpoint sources such as infiltrating runoff. These impacts can range from changes in groundwater chemistry and recharge because of overlying land uses to direct threats from contaminants known to be reaching downgradient supply wells and springs. In response to such threats, our technical staff is equipped to address all aspects of groundwater source protection, including contingency planning and mitigation, to ensure that existing groundwater supply sources remain sustainable at the highest beneficial use.