Capital costs for groundwater production wells are high, but operating costs over the life of a well can be even higher without effective design. And effective design begins with locating the wells for both efficiency and availability. SoundEarth has the expertise and experience required to locate a well where high-quality water can be efficiently produced in accord with water rights permits.

Our engineers and hydrogeologists develop well designs and specifications to meet ANSI/AWWA industry standards as well as state requirements. We identify life-cycle costs and give our clients design options that can reduce the expense of building, operating, and maintaining their wells. And SoundEarth can take your project to completion, providing procurement support, helping select a well driller, overseeing field construction, and verifying that design standards have been met.

In the field, SoundEarth employs both traditional and advanced borehole geophysics for subsurface characterization, from thermal and resistivity studies to magnetic resonance imaging and cross borehole flow. To assess the condition of newly built well screens and other components, we conduct traditional video logging to evaluate casing alignment, initial well screen, and pack configurations. In addition to using static spinner logs to identify intrawell flow, SoundEarth also uses modern dynamic well-testing techniques that avoid dismantling of the pump or well seal when quantifying water production for sections of screen or locating zones of poor water quality. We also employ advanced data collection and analytic techniques to describe well and pump efficiency curves, providing the civil engineering team with the information needed to optimize your well’s uptime, energy consumption, and water production.