Asset management is a structured program for delivering defined service levels at an acceptable risk and the lowest practical life-cycle cost. SoundEarth’s well asset management practices include advanced data analytical techniques to guide the timing and need for well screen studies and pump rehabilitation, as well as to define maintenance needs based on cost analytics and value to our client.

For instance, we assess well screen and pump integrity for municipal, industrial, and irrigation wells using routine, low-cost data collection techniques such as water pressure transducers and flow meters connected to an automated data acquisition system. Even manual measurements are of great value in first assessing whether conditions are changing for the well or pump.

To determine the condition of the well screen and other components on production wells, we conduct traditional video logging to evaluate encrustation, screen decay, or other problems with the casing and seal. In addition to using static spinner logs to identify intrawell flow, SoundEarth also employs modern dynamic well-testing techniques that avoid dismantling of the pump or well seal when quantifying water production for sections of screen or locating zones of poor water quality. Well geophysics can be used to test grout bond integrity and other well construction issues. And our well screen rehabilitation techniques run the gamut from brushing and jetting to high-energy pulse generation.

Through the application of our extensive experience in these techniques and more, SoundEarth is able to tailor a well asset management program specific to your supply wells and system needs.